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The SSOG in other Languages

The Seven Streams of Grace is currently being translated into


SSOG in Khmer


Hatian French

SSOG in French

Hatian Creole

SSOG in Hatian



India has 15 major languages, and a church leader there is hoping to start on these…


Funds may be available to cover some or all costs of translations – contact us for details.

If you want to sponsor a particular translation, we will bend over backwards to facilitate this!


This page will carry links to these non-English websites when they are created.


How to Translate:


Three documents need to be translated. They are in the order of what should be done first, second, third.  Only the first 5 pages of the third document are necessary to translate because everything after that is identical to the first doc.


Doc 1:  SSoG Handouts

Doc 2:  SSoG Milestones

Doc 3:  Seven Streams of Grace master doc.


There is some overlap in the three documents.

1. SSooG Handouts:  This is the major part of the document.  It contains everything that people need to have leaving the seminar.

2. SSoG Handout Milestone Intro Summaries: this is a summary of the 24 columns that delineate the eras of biblical narrative.  This is inherent in the first document, but clearly states them in just two pages (in English).

3. Seven Streams of Grace:  This is the handout for a presenter, not a student. Only the first four pages of this document are necessary to translate. From page 5 onward of this doc, the material is already in the first two docs.


Here’s how the translation would work:


One person would do the translations from English into [other language].

A second person would read the [other language] version and translate it back into English while someone with the English text listens.

This would check accuracy of the translation and enable corrections to be made.


Translating the Poster:

The poster pictures are multiracial and include no English words.  However, the poster texts are all in English. 

It works OK to teach and run seminars from translated docs with the English words on the poster because the pictures and the layout are the only thing that people can see in a presentation.

The text on the poster is almost all in the docs so no extra translation is required.  However, actually getting the translation onto the poster requires someone who can use ‘Photoshop’ or some other program that can edit .psd files in the new language.