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Download Slim Poster as pdf here.


This poster can be downloaded in any size from 6’x2’ up to 24’x8’ or more, for free!


Download the POSTER:

Non-commercial downloads are free.

Poster folder

If your printer doesn't like the JPEG file but would prefer the Indesign files, then use the 'Edit for Other Languages' link below.

Using the English version of the poster works pretty well in any language because (a) people can’t read the text on it while in a group sitting more than a few feet away, (b) the pictures and the matrix format are what people can see and do benefit from, and (c) people in most cultures remember pictures and stories better than text. You can make or get a translated poster – see

Download all the Artworks:

If you want to print each artwork on A4 or letter paper to present to groups and lay out on the floor or tape on a wall one at a time - 24 lengths of A4 is ~20feet long!

Artworks folder

Download this doc for all the Row & Column Headers:

Row & Column Headers doc

Download this doc for columns 2-3-4 and 17 and 22 that have big text all the way down:

Columns 2-3-4 and 17 and 22 doc

Download this doc if you would like to give a handout of bible chronology in 24 steps:

Labels & Summaries doc

Edit the Poster for Other Languages:

This is a set of 'Indesign' files for your clever graphics person to access and use. You might want to re-draw some faces and colors to match your culture (Asian, African, Arabic, whatever), or even create new artworks, and you might want to replace the text with Khmer, Swahili, Spanish or whatever.

Since I am allowing you to access and use these files for free, please don't sell them/ the posters for profit but put any earnings back into the SSoG. Please also send us a link so that we can put the posters up on the website here.

'Indesign' files folder

Download SSoG in Other Languages: